2016 Annual Meetings

Guest Registration Request

Please complete this form before October 1 to request World Bank Group Guest accreditation for the 2016 Annual Meetings. For more information on Guest registration, you may refer to the Participants page of the 2016 Annual Meetings website. Please click here for specific instructions for filling out the Guest registration form.

Questions on WBG Guest registration may be emailed to GuestRegistration@worldbank.org, while questions on IMF Guest registration may be emailed to IMFGuests@imf.org.

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• Meetings with IMF/WBG Executive Directors (please specify)

• Meetings with country delegations (please specify)

• Attendance at IMF/WBG seminars or forums (please specify)

How to complete the Guest Request Form:

  • Complete all mandatory fields.
  • Do not use CAPS LOCK, non-English characters, symbols, special characters, etc.
  • Provide a business email address which clearly indicates your business affiliation.
  • A website to your organization is needed if you enter a personal email address.
  • Business reason needs to be brief (maximum of 250 characters), descriptive, and directly related to the Annual Meetings. Examples are provided on the form.

Communications and messages you should expect:

  • Online confirmation once the application has been successfully submitted.
  • An email requesting more information (only if application is not complete or more information is needed).
  • An email confirming registration along with a confirmation letter that may be used for visa and travel purposes.

All communications will be sent via email. Please check your inbox and spam folders periodically for any communications from the Guest Registration Team.